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Shackled - Shuyi

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February 3rd, 2017

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03:08 pm - Shackled
Different people bring out different parts of you, some parts you like, some you don't. Some bring out things you cannot even put a finger to.

It could be someone who reminds you of an unpredictable family member that you have. This person is perfect and has done nothing to you. But her manner of behavior, maybe simply style of dressing, tone of voice, reminds you of that family member who had caused you fear. And then, for no apparent proper logical reason, you start to fear this perfect individual as well.

I think life is about unlearning, deconstructing, and reconstructing. Each relationship is new and doesn't have to be shackled to the chains of your past memories and experiences.

Something for you to think about, Shuyi.

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