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What do I like about myself that I think others may like? - Shuyi

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February 16th, 2017

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12:57 pm - What do I like about myself that I think others may like?
After 30 years of learning how not to like myself, I have decided for the next stretch of years to learn to do the opposite - to learn to like myself, and undoing 30 years of socialization is really not easy, but I have decided to do it. To unlearn and relearn.

So here's a start.

I like that I have a rich inner life, that I'm complicated and complex, layered upon layered, both deep and broad. I like that I'm a conundrum, hard to figure out, parts of me don't logically fit together, yet they do. You may assume this about me because of that, but this turns out untrue. I like that I stumble and surprise people.

I like that I am courageous. I am willing to be committed to something I find worthwhile, and then be uncommitted to it when I realized it is no longer worthwhile for me. I am a risk taker, adventurous, and ambitious. And more than being imaginative, sometimes you see my bring to fruition my dreams, simply because I am disciplined. I like that like they say it's an INFJ trait, I not just dream but can bring it to pass.

I like that I am good, kind, and gentle. Some people call it naive, trusting, vulnerable, and stupid. But I believe in doing good and being kind, regardless whether it benefits me or not. I am drawn to a bible verse in Romans that goes: Let no debt be outstanding, except the debt to love others. I am definitely not Mother Teresa, not a defender of the poor, nor a social justice advocate; but I believe in my own sphere of influence, taking into account my own levels of comfort, attraction, and interest, to do good to those I can.

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